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On Sat, 31 Jul 2004, Etienne Garbaux wrote:

> ______
> | |
> | |
> / \
> /__________\
> instead of:
> ______
> / \
> / \
> / \
> /____________\
> (you'll need tu use a monospaced font like Courier to view the ASCII artwork).

I will ? Um... I've done the top diagram in a small way... So will *try*
again... If there's a visible break, the clone is a marvelous tool....
(I don't think I do ASCII.)

>.... Experiment, and you just might find a new paradigm! in the movie, Paradigm Me.

> Syracuse and the outlying areas would probably turn up some. Rural Georgia
> would be my first choice. August???? But beyond weather, you really need 100 people for one
usable shirt, which happens about every 5 - 10 minutes on many NY streets.
In "outlying areas" you don't get 100 walkers in a month...

> ...Or go to a Bush public appearance.

These public appearances are, as far as i can tell, not really public.
They do not seem to be announced in advance except to the specific group
(school, factory, club, whatever) and that often at little or no notice.
And there is total security so outsiders are not admitted... hardly worth
a trip to, say Charlston, WV, on the gamble, even were it announced in
advance. Mostly we hear about it the next day with a picture of Bush on
the front page shaking hands... It is on my to-do list to check with RNC,
however, and you back me into a corner so I can't stall on it forever...
tho I'm not optimistic on that route.

> ... Heck, just
> wait right where you are -- they're bringing the circus right to you in a
> few weeks (Madison Square Garden). You'll probably be able to get both
> kinds of shirts in one shot, and some wonderful body language as well!

I wish. The local papers have been filled FOR WEEKS with tales of the
security arrangements... I have no more chance of seeing an actual
delegate (except maybe at celebitry restaurant at night in shirt & tie)
than if I drove up on a humvee flying the French flag and tossing sauteed
potatoes... But I couldn't do that even, because the streets will all be
blocked off... There's also the question of whether R delegates *wear*
t-shirts -- their fans may, but where will they be?

As for Body Language, I only want the language in print, the rest is not
this story, plus my subjects have to stand straight for the camera or you
can't read what they're saying...

> Interestingly, I see very few political shirts here in DC, except for
> DuPont Circle and the college neighborhoods (where the distribution is the
> same as you've found in Manhattan).

Thanks for that tip.... There are a couple of great shows in DC now of
Islamic art would reward the trip even without R t-shirts, so maybe
anyway. Tho I could also try again for R shirts on the web (so far no
luck) and draft a few republican impersonators... The real thing is always
so much better of course...

I am also trying fror a press pass here in NY.... which may be easier
than switching to OS 10, but so far not.

>> The problem is that as I walk conditions change, constantly, rapidly,
>> under trees, in the shade of buildings, turning a corner, lights from a
>> store window, etc., and of course the skies also change rapidly and
>> continually on some days.

> If you're out doors during the day and using a wide aperture, 50 should
> certainly be sufficient, and if it's generally bright 25 should be plenty.
> My G3 manual says that the ND Filter reduces sensitivity three stops, so
> you can also arrange 6, 12, and 25 (and there's an alternate way to get 50):
> camera setting effective speed w/ND engaged
> 50 6
> 100 12
> 200 25
> 400 50

This proved to be good advice... I switched to ASA 50 and pictures in sun
definitely improved -- adding ND filter would probably be overkill
however, especially as the entire transaction rarely gets more than a few
seconds. As it is, if someone of dark skin steps into the shade and/or is
wearing a cap ADDING shade to the face, I'm out of luck.... I got a great
shot of a fellow with a "Supernigger" t-shirt yesterday (ASA 50) but his
face is almost totally dark... I pray to the Photoshop gods.

PS. I asked if anyone hassled him about the shirt; he said most people
think it's great.

meanwhile more thanks,

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