Re: streaks in scan

From: Jon Lybrook ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/27/04-09:59:04 PM Z
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Hey! This is a *family* show. Baliff, whack his pee-pee!

Anyway, after a day of trial and error, what I've come up with so far is
the scan lines seem to be minimized at 48bit scans if I do a multipass
scan of 4 or 8. This extends the scan time considerably, but it does
minimize the abberations.

The other thing that worked to remove the scan lines was to scan directly
in 8bit, probably at the cost of some delicacy of tone.

Since my medium is polymer plates, I guess I need to run out some tests to
see if the subtle scan lines are even noticable on the print. I'm trying
to capture the subtleties of the film, not of the scanner's imperfections!


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