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From: Sam Wang ^lt;>
Date: 04/27/04-03:23:42 PM Z
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I'm glad that you tracked down at least some of the causes. Here may be another one to check: make
sure the top of the glass is clean - the section where the scanner calibrates for exposure. Once I had
part of it blocked and that cause a huge variation in exposure, a broad streak, all the way down the

> From: Jon Lybrook <>
> Date: 2004/04/27 Tue PM 02:16:18 EDT
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> Subject: Re: streaks in scan
> Hi Sam,
> Thanks for the tip, but I'm already scanning as a positive in 16bit mode.
> I can say that moving my palm pilot away from the scanner and turning off my
> LJIII tank of a printer that sits next to the scanner seems to have minimized
> the problem -- results comparable to doing a multi-pass scan. Must have been
> some kind of interference.
> Jon
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