Re: streaks in scan

From: Jon Lybrook ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/27/04-12:16:18 PM Z
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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the tip, but I'm already scanning as a positive in 16bit mode.

I can say that moving my palm pilot away from the scanner and turning off my
LJIII tank of a printer that sits next to the scanner seems to have minimized
the problem -- results comparable to doing a multi-pass scan. Must have been
some kind of interference.


Sam Wang wrote:

> Jon,
> I had the same problen scanning negatives in the Epson 3200: streaks and graininess in the thin areas.
> But the problem went away when I scanned it as POSITIVE, in 16 bit mode, and inverted back in
> Photoshop.
> Give that a try.
> Sam Wang
>>From: Jon Lybrook <>
>>Date: 2004/04/26 Mon AM 10:46:29 EDT
>>Subject: streaks in scan
>>Hi All,
>>I'm scanning a 4x5 transparency at 48bit on the Epson 4870 Pro using SilverFast,
>>converting it to greyscale and am getting vertical streaks in the file. The
>>streaks aren't noticeable until I apply an adjustment curve or otherwise
>>brighten the image. I've managed to minimize them by doing a multipass scan,
>>but they still exist. They are apparent in the file and on whatever output
>>device I send them to, so I know it's not a printer problem.
>>Is this ugly artifact in the subtle black areas simply to be expected from the
>>flatbed scanners or is there something I'm doing wrong?
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