Pt/Pd toner receipes? (re: neutral B/W with Centennial POP paper?)

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Date: 04/26/04-03:07:18 AM Z
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Ladies and gentlemen
thank you for the suggestions.

1) Some of you have mentioned Platinum and Palladium toners.
I've never seen any formulas. Could you please tell me the receipes or point out any links?
For example Etienne explicitely mentions _acidic_ Pt toner, thus I conclude there is a variety of them...

2) Another advice is to play with alcalinity of the toner. Ok I'll try

> As far as memory serves me platinum would be
> a better choice for toner, but I would have to look
> through my notebooks.

Marek, please take a look.
Any additional information is welcome.

re Full/partial Blean & redevelop.
Liam, I already thought about, and I'll surely try it.
About stright enlargement: the negatives are overdeveloped for usual silver gelatine printing. Besides that, it is interesting to explore a new media, isn't it?

Thanks again
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