Re: Pt/Pd toner receipes?

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Date: 04/28/04-08:05:56 PM Z
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Andrey wrote:

> Some of you have mentioned Platinum and Palladium toners. I've
> never seen any formulas. Could you please tell me the receipes or
> point out any links? For example Etienne explicitely mentions _acidic_
> Pt toner, thus I conclude there is a variety of them...

Gold can be made to tone in both alkaline and acidic solutions. Platinum
tends to be way too active in alkaline solution, palladium even more so --
therefore, they are generally used in acidic baths. When using gold
followed by platinum, I have had better results with alkaline (borax) gold
toners. FWIW, even in acidic solutions I have had problems with palladium
depositing a dichroic fog of colloidal palladium indiscriminately on the
print (and often, the tray).

Here are a few links (some of these may word-wrap and need reconstruction):

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