Re: neutral B/W with Centennial POP paper?

From: Etienne Garbaux ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/24/04-09:53:26 PM Z
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Andrey wrote:

> does anybody know how to get neutral (or close to neutral) Black and
> White tone on Centennial POP paper?

> Untoned prints are rather orange, gold toned become cool purple..

The traditional way to get neutral black tones on salted paper, albumen,
and gelatin POP is to tone with an alkaline gold toner followed by an
acidic platinum toner. As you noted, gold tends toward cool purple. Pt by
itself tends toward a brownish black. Experience will show how much time
in the gold followed by how much time in the Pt. I wash well between them.
I have never used Centennial, but expect that this procedure will work with

Certain Pt toners can get you nearly there by themselves, but the
gold/platinum process gives better control and a nicer final result (IMO).

Some people have reported getting neutral black from a gold toner
containing sodium acetate. I just got weak, greyish "blacks," but YMMV.

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