Re: neutral B/W with Centennial POP paper?

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Date: 04/26/04-08:53:22 PM Z
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Thank you for the information, Etienne- I have never used the platinum toner
along with the gold toner.
It does give me something to think about....
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> Andrey wrote:
> > does anybody know how to get neutral (or close to neutral) Black and
> > White tone on Centennial POP paper?
> > Untoned prints are rather orange, gold toned become cool purple..
> The traditional way to get neutral black tones on salted paper, albumen,
> and gelatin POP is to tone with an alkaline gold toner followed by an
> acidic platinum toner. As you noted, gold tends toward cool purple. Pt
> itself tends toward a brownish black. Experience will show how much time
> in the gold followed by how much time in the Pt. I wash well between
> I have never used Centennial, but expect that this procedure will work
> it.
> Certain Pt toners can get you nearly there by themselves, but the
> gold/platinum process gives better control and a nicer final result (IMO).
> Some people have reported getting neutral black from a gold toner
> containing sodium acetate. I just got weak, greyish "blacks," but YMMV.
> Best regards,
> etienne
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