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Contact this person:

Jim Robbins
All Square

He may be able to provide you with the information you need.

Unfortunately, even with recommendations by others and trends in usage, it
usually comes down to testing the papers yourself on your machine with your
workflow and deciding what looks and works the best for you. Nice if you can get
samples to test.

You might try Googling for comparisons. I do remember a web site that did a
very nice summary of the differences between a number of papers, but I've
since lost the URL.

Mark Nelson

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> Mark,
> I assume the Arches Infinity doesn't scuff or flake cuz it's danged
> expensive like Photo Rag.
> Can you or anyone clear up the distinctions between the various
> "velvet" papers floating around?
> I have abunch of the uncoated Somerset Velvet, which used to be a
> favorite of the IRIS era. But since we've been delived the
> photo-enhanced SV, the differences have been elusive to this sleepy
> academic. ...Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, and Somerset Velvet for
> Epson...
> I think this is the same question Loris is asking
> -Darryl
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