Tillman Crane exhibit - "Form and Structure"

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Date: 04/18/04-08:58:07 PM Z
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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I visited the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, Alabama
which featured 49 prints of Tillman's exploration of Form and Structure.

Most prints were palladium/platinum prints but there were a few large warm
toned silver gelatin prints. And there was one albumen print sans frame or
glass covering placed at the entrance of the exhibit.

I had seen quite a few of the prints in Santa Fe at APIS 2001 which were
included in Tillman's book 'Structure.' In addition there were several 5x12
prints (I think that is the correct format) that were new to me that he made
in Scotland which I felt were quite nice. The format seemed to bring out
some different ways of "showing" his subject, Form and Structure.

The albumen print was very warm toned, resembling perhaps a VDB toned in
palladium. It looked much different than the modern albumens made by Zoe

The exhibit is up until May 1st, if you get a chance drop by and see it. For
more information you may wish to visit:


Don Bryant
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