Et Tu Flavius?

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Date: 04/18/04-03:33:38 PM Z
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Dear Mr. Flavius AKA rjtriffin,

I can only speak for myself, and not for the list members, the list manager,
the list minders, or even the list lurkers.

While I appreciate knowing your new email address and dare only to muse upon
the efforts that must have gone into changing of your name from rjtriffin to
flavius and the resultant turmoil that this must have caused your co-workers
at RCN, THE LIVE WIRE, where you bundle telecommunication services for the
good of the world, I would like to ask a very tiny favor.

Or, at least remove newsgroups from the list it auto responds to.

Thank you Mr. Flavius for your kind attention. I do hope that while I am
merely sitting at home wasting my time opening your spam that you are away on a
trip to some exotic place in the world that needs their telecommunications
system thoroughly bundled. But I do hope you make it back to your office soon
to consider my request.


Mark Nelson

PS: I think RJTriffin has more of a ring to it. If I had to choose
between two people who were dying to get their hands on my telecommunication devices
so they could bundle them, I would choose RJTriffin without a second
thought. Flavius sounds like a name one would associate with some other industry,
such as the food industry. For example, it might be the characteristic of a
soft drink flavor to be so obvious as to be recognized immediately upon
landing on the palate—thus the term FLAVIUS....this soft drink is FLAVIUS!

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