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Well, I had a little go at this in 'Getting Digital Exposure Right':

basically you need to look at the histogram, and make sure that you place
the highlights (except direct reflections of the sun etc), just below the
end of the scale. And of course shoot you shoot raw, then adjust the
curve in the raw converter to get the colour and tones as you want them
before outputting the file, especially if you are outputting 24bit only.

I shoot almost all the time with the LCD display showing highlights
flashing if burnt out; if they don't and the image is reasonably visible
on the LCD the exposure will be close enough.

On the Nikon D100 at least, the highlights flash if they are almost at the
maximum level rather than only when they reach it. But it is close enough
to give a good indication.

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> The idea most photographers have learned is to expose for shadow
> detail, but with digital the opposite is true (so I've read and come
> to believe) and think a lot of people do not yet understand the nature
> of digital's dynamic (tonal) range. Most digital photographs would
> improve with more attention to the highlights, with the lower values
> easily "opened up" via histographic control.
> I think I'd better stop now, my inexperience with digital cameras is
> beginning to show.
> Darryl
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> {snippage}... The only problem I have had with digital is its
> tendency to blow out
> highlights; hence I usually shoot at .7 EV in contrast. Mark does
> this with
> his histogram and light meter, it seems from his last post. But he's
> an
> uber techie. Mark, you gotta teach me that method. Or at least write
> it in
> a book :)
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