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Date: 04/14/04-04:13:29 AM Z
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It doesn't seem to work like this in practice. Normal reading gives up
long before the data is irretrievable. I've recovered data from
'unreadable' CD-Rs using software designed to do that. It used to be
something you needed to do fairly often in the early days of CD-R, but
I've not needed it for several years.

CD-R quality has improved greatly over the years. Most of the scare
stories about short lifetimes are based on technologies no longer in use.
It does make sense to buy good quality disks, but these are no longer


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> Yep and as I stated, data degradation is either minimal or=
> =20
> complete. It is not non-existent. Also note that ECC is a double-edge=
> d=20
> sword of sorts in that a disk that has even a slight degradation may =
> not be=20
> readable.
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