Re: Archival Quality: was benefit of digital camera

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At 01:14 AM 4/14/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> > Incorrect. File degradation is a fact of file storage. It's
> > managed by using CRC checksum validation, Alternate Data Streaming and
> > other file backup methodologies. in this regard, digital is just like
> > analog in that any reproduction is likely to have some data loss but with
> > digital it's usually minimal or complete.
>I'm not interested in this thread but I thought to point out that this
>is not really true. CD-ROM and most modern digital recording media
>make use of very powerful error correcting coding.

         Yep and as I stated, data degradation is either minimal or
complete. It is not non-existent. Also note that ECC is a double-edged
sword of sorts in that a disk that has even a slight degradation may not be


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