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I wrote a couple of features near the start of last year looking at just
such problems with digital - partly as a result of my own not dissimilar
experiences. Possibly partly as a result of working when I wasn't well, I
managed to delete the high resolution versions of several weeks images

Before I erase any images from the CF card I now ensure I have at least
two copies of them, one on my main computer hard disk (actually this is
two copies in itself, being a Raid 1 mirrored system.) I then write them
out to CD-R (ISO 9660, single session, fixed - and fully verified at the
bit level) and move the files to my storage disk. Eventually I back up the
files from the storage disk system to DVD. Its a system that ensures there
are two copies all the time.

The DVD backups are relatively few in number and I've started to duplicate
these and store a second copy off-site as an extra security measure. When
the next long-term storage solution appears I'll be able to use these to
transfer the images to it.

I'm reasonably happy with this as a storage solution - rather more so than
I am with my storage of images on film. The main remaining problem is the
possibility of operator error. When time allows I'm scanning film to
become a part of the digital storage system. I left it a few years too
late for some of my earliest work.

I've always lost occasional images on film through various processing
faults. Murphy's law dictates that it is always the best frames on any
roll that attract them. I think a good digital system is on the whole more

There are still things film does better. I'm still using it for my
panoramic work - stitching digital is no substitute for some of this,
especially action shots. The Leica is still a handier camera than anything
digital for what it does. 6x7 still leaves anything portable and
affordable behind for quality. But it is around 18 months since I last
picked up a non-digital 35mm SLR.


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> >Each person's experiences and needs are different but I urge you to=
> =20
> >consider more than just cost before you pick up a new camera.
> Certainly a good idea. For instance I captured many images =
> of my=20
> sons second birthday party with my Fuji S602 and downloaded them to m=
> y PC.=20
> That on a Friday. On Sunday I went to backup the HDD and the primary =
> went=20
> belly up _DURING_THE_BACKUP !!
> Fuji S602 - $590
> Western Digital HDD - $135
> Sons 2nd BD pics - Priceless.
> So I spent the next 3 days doing data recovery on a limping =
> hard=20
> drive. Something that most people don't have the skill to do.
> 3 days of my time off - $$$$$$
> But then that's also the cost of having a happy wife !
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