RE: Van Dyke Problems & Argyrotype paper

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Date: 04/12/04-01:48:02 PM Z
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Rob, try Arches Platine for probablly the best all-around quality and
try Cranes 90 lb Cover for a cheaper alternative to Platine.

Darryl Baird

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Subject: Van Dyke Problems & Argyrotype paper
Firstly, thanks to all that answered my cry for Van
Dyke help! I finally got something like acceptable
prints, but had to pull my prints from the fix after
around 20 seconds (3% solution). I'm not sure if this
is long enough, but the prints look ok for now...

I also played around with some argyrotypes and found
this process to be much nicer. The problem, as
everyone I'm sure knows, is the paper. I've used Kid
Finish paper from Bostick & Sullivan which doesn't
look too bad but is really too thin for my tastes. Can
anyone recommend any other paper easily available in
the US?



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