Re: Van Dyke Problems & Argyrotype paper

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Rives BFK, Buxton, Atlantis Silversafe, Canson's Opalux Vellum, Crane's
Parchment Wove, 3111 Writing, Kid Finish, Hollingsworth Kent, Saunder's
Waterford, Somerset, Whatman's Watercolor and that enough
of a choice for you? :)
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Subject: Van Dyke Problems & Argyrotype paper

> Firstly, thanks to all that answered my cry for Van
> Dyke help! I finally got something like acceptable
> prints, but had to pull my prints from the fix after
> around 20 seconds (3% solution). I'm not sure if this
> is long enough, but the prints look ok for now...
> I also played around with some argyrotypes and found
> this process to be much nicer. The problem, as
> everyone I'm sure knows, is the paper. I've used Kid
> Finish paper from Bostick & Sullivan which doesn't
> look too bad but is really too thin for my tastes. Can
> anyone recommend any other paper easily available in
> the US?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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