Using Ilford Ilfochrome (was Cybachrome) in a pinhole camera

Date: 04/11/04-03:09:38 PM Z
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Hello everybody,
I have no experience what so ever with using Ilford Ilfochrome (was
Cybachrome) paper
and developing it. I know this is system is intended to be used for making
prints of color slides.

I was thinking of using this paper in my pinhole camera. I used normal B&W
paper before
to get large paper negatives. With Ilfochrome I expect to get an immediate
color print
(instead of a negative) with maybe odd colors.

My questions are:
* Has anyone done this and can tell me about it?
* How do I process the paper(P30 chemicals are available overhere)? In trays
or do I need a machine?
* How difficult is this to do? Normal B&W film developing and B&W printing
is no problem to me.

Thanks for your help,

"have fun and catch that lightbeam"

Bert Kuijer from Holland
my website
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