RE: Using Ilford Ilfochrome (was Cybachrome) in a pinhole camera

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Date: 04/12/04-04:17:59 AM Z
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> I have no experience what so ever with using Ilford Ilfochrome (was
> Cybachrome) paper
> and developing it. I know this is system is intended to be used for making
> prints of color slides.
> I was thinking of using this paper in my pinhole camera. I used normal B&W
> paper before
> to get large paper negatives. With Ilfochrome I expect to get an immediate
> color print
> (instead of a negative) with maybe odd colors.
> My questions are:
> * Has anyone done this and can tell me about it?
> * How do I process the paper(P30 chemicals are available
> overhere)? In trays
> or do I need a machine?
> * How difficult is this to do? Normal B&W film developing and B&W printing
> is no problem to me.

Chris Pinchbeck - to name one person - has been making large images (in the
36"x72" range) in a huge plywood pinhole camera he trailers around behind
his pickup truck. It require him to crawl inside and unroll the sheet of
mural cybachrome (Ilfochrome) paper and then having something to do or to
read while the exposure is being made. He sends the paper out to someplace
in LA for processing. He's getting impressive results.

There are a few of these on his website:

Good luck!!
Tenants Harbor, Maine
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