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From: Gary <>
Subject: POP coating
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 21:31:45 +0100

> Given the difficulty in sourcing ready-made POP in the UK, I just wondered
> whether anyone had tried to make their own?

I think a few people at silvergrain mailing list (very low traffic
mailing list for silver gelatin emulsion makers) have tried it.

> Does anyone have any good references for 'recipes' for a coating?

There are salted papers and gelatin based POP sensitizers. Much about
gelatin based POP can be found in old silver gelatin literature. A
few are found in the book by Wall and another by Baker. One problem is
that these books are old, and also contain quite a few inaccurate

Pieces of information useful for gelatin based POP can be found in
several silver gelatin emulsion making textbooks, such as one by
Duffin, another by Zelikman and Levi, especially in the context of
reverse precipitation. (these books contain few complete formulae, but
they're very rich of information) Anything newer than these, I don't
think you'll find much in relation to POP.

Full references for these names can be found at:

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