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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/07/04-12:40:56 PM Z
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On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Gordon J. Holtslander wrote:

> The other thing that really complicates receiving email messages from this
> list, are the number of blacklisting spam blocking services. There are
> many that are quite poorly implemented. Mail from this list is regularly
> blocked by at least one of these blacklisting services. There is nothing
> I can do to stop this.

Gord, since you mention this, I take the opportunity to point out to some
folks who've overlooked it: If you have a spam filter that only lets
through addresses already on a list you've provided, and then take it into
your head to send an e-mail on your own to such as, say, Post-Factory
Photography, or a small artisan making work on commission whose website
you've visited (as happens to one I know), it would be courteous, even
*productive* to enter their address in advance.

When I respond to an inquiry and get this notice of refusal with some
cockamamie instructions on how to apply for admittance, I say "***** you"
mentally and simply delete. If it's a subscriber whose address I have,
and I've taken the 15 minutes to answer a complicated inquiry, I send them
a post card with cruel thoughts expressed legally. But my friend, whose
business depends on these inquiries, has to go through some time-consuming
routine for the possiblity of a commission. Since artisan labor is not
well paid to begin with -- well let's say, this e-mail behavior is rude at
best. Even 100 spams, maddening as they are, take only seconds to delete.

I'll add that I've had a reply to someone on this list who sent me an
offlist question refused the same way -- taking absent-mindedness to new

And I still recommend Spam Assassin --- which I have through my service
provider. No need to see into the future to list everyone I desire to hear
from. It cuts out 90% of Spam, but personal mail gets through.


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