Re: Ferric Citrate Varieties

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/07/04-12:46:54 PM Z
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On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Neil Miller wrote:
> I remember querying the colour with the supplier at the time, and he
> told me that the colour made no difference - the green and the brown
> varieties are exactly the same.

No, they are not the same. The old formulas used fe am cit brown, but
early in 20th century when green became available (and dropped in price)
it prevailed, because, among other reasons, it's faster.

I recall that when the ferric citrate topic first came up someone put
instructions for making your own on the list. (Maybe someone French?
Belgian? Dutch? Someone European I'm almost certain.) It should be in
the archive, about 18 months ago, subject line... ??? Maybe ferric


> Does anyone know if this is true? Or am I the lucky owner of both ammonium ferric citrate and ferric citrate!
> Thanks in advance,
> Neil.
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