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Date: 04/06/04-04:10:09 PM Z
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Thanks for the advice, I'll give your suggestions a


--- Matt Kennedy <> wrote:
> I clear excessively, for up to an hour or more
> sometimes,
> with several water changes. I used to do brief
> clearing, but I
> found that long soaks indeed seem to get quite
> cloudy when I
> thought it was done. I put a splash of vinegar in
> the clearing
> water, but some people mention using a pinch of
> citric acid
> (less stink, I'd bet.) After good clearing, my
> highlights are
> almost completely paper white. I clear face down in
> fluorescent
> room light. After the bulk of the sens is cleared in
> the first
> water change, fogging should be no prob at all, but
> mind your
> whites. Until I was sure the paper was clearing, I'd
> put a coin
> on the paper during exposure for a reference to
> paper white and
> to show when the paper was clear or fogged from
> age/heat/light.
> Before I started putting ammonia in the hypo,
> (5% or so) I
> couldn't fix for a whole minute without suffering
> reduction and
> a flat print. So, I went to shorter fixes, fixing
> until I
> noticed the image starting to bleach, which was only
> 10-20
> seconds. I didn't think that could be very sound
> fixing
> procedure, but it was all I could do. A little
> ammonia
> corrected that, and I feel more comfortable thinking
> my prints
> are fixed properly.
> So, acidify the clearing baths and clear to excess,
> which is a
> good idea, but I think trying ammonia in the fix (I
> use 1/2 tsp
> household to 500ml 5% hypo) might help you out most.
> I hope so,
> anyway!

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