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From: Matt Kennedy ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/06/04-01:12:45 PM Z
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I also use Aquarelle for many of my Van Dykes with no problems,
and I always double coat. Could you tell more about your
process? In particular, how long do you clear, and how strong is
your hypo? Did you acidify your clearing baths a bit to be on
the safe side of iron dissolving? Do you add a bit of ammonia to
the fix to slow reduction per Liam's observations? The fix is
not too warm, is it? Which van dyke formula did you settle on?

The only time I've had VD sensitizer float off was when I
applied too much, and it puddled and dried. The puddles lifted
right off as soon as the fix hit. Now I apply my second coat
after the first completely dries (without heat) and blot off
extra sensitizer with a paper towel.

Good luck,


--- Robert Krawiec <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've been playing around with some alternative
> processes (cyanotype, argyrotypes and Van Dykes) and
> have got pretty reasonable results, except from the
> Van Dykes.
> I'm using digital negatives, applying the Albumen
> curve that comes with Dan Burkholder's book/cd, and I
> get a really low contrast image with anemic shadows
> and a hint of yellowing in the highlights. I tried
> double coating, but this seemed to lessen the density
> (I suspect the first coat wasn't quite dry enough).
> The images looks pretty good coming out of the first
> wash and fix, but in the second wash, I can see
> sensitizer floating off of the image! Does anyone have
> any idea what is causing this problem?
> Many thanks,
> Rob
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