Van Dyke Problems

From: Robert Krawiec ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/06/04-11:07:10 AM Z
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Hi All,

I've been playing around with some alternative
processes (cyanotype, argyrotypes and Van Dykes) and
have got pretty reasonable results, except from the
Van Dykes.

I'm using digital negatives, applying the Albumen
curve that comes with Dan Burkholder's book/cd, and I
get a really low contrast image with anemic shadows
and a hint of yellowing in the highlights. I tried
double coating, but this seemed to lessen the density
(I suspect the first coat wasn't quite dry enough).

The images looks pretty good coming out of the first
wash and fix, but in the second wash, I can see
sensitizer floating off of the image! Does anyone have
any idea what is causing this problem?

Many thanks,


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