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Date: 04/06/04-01:21:03 PM Z
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I clear for about 5 minutes. The water is generally
clear after 2 or so but I keep going a little while

Hypo is 3% solution and I generally fix for around 1
minute. I do notice some sensitizer dissipating at
this point. The hypo is usually room temperature.

How would I acidify the baths?

As for the formula, I'm using Bostick & Sullivan's
kit, so I assume it's a decent brew!

Thanks Matt!


--- Matt Kennedy <> wrote:
> I also use Aquarelle for many of my Van Dykes with
> no problems,
> and I always double coat. Could you tell more about
> your
> process? In particular, how long do you clear, and
> how strong is
> your hypo? Did you acidify your clearing baths a bit
> to be on
> the safe side of iron dissolving? Do you add a bit
> of ammonia to
> the fix to slow reduction per Liam's observations?
> The fix is
> not too warm, is it? Which van dyke formula did you
> settle on?
> The only time I've had VD sensitizer float off was
> when I
> applied too much, and it puddled and dried. The
> puddles lifted
> right off as soon as the fix hit. Now I apply my
> second coat
> after the first completely dries (without heat) and
> blot off
> extra sensitizer with a paper towel.
> Good luck,
> Matt

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