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Good for you Sandy!
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Subject: About pseudonyms and list usage.

> Although I have not always agreed with Dave Rose my impression is
> that he is a person of integrity and some passion who calls them the
> way he sees them, and those are qualities that I greatly admire in a
> person.
> All this slinking around with pseudonyms in order to participate on
> this list strikes me as demeaning to the person doing it. If the
> person is indeed Terry King, as subsequent message would suggest, he
> should resolve directly any issues he may have with the list manager
> who banned him. If Terry were to apologize for past transgressions I
> would personally be prepared to offer him another chance to
> participate on this list since he is obviously a person of
> considerable knowledge in the area of alternative printing and has
> much knowledge to share. My personal opinion is that Terry is
> probably incorrigible but he could prove me wrong.
> Meanwhile, my position is that I will not engage directly with any
> person who has been banned from the list who tries to do so
> dishonestly. That would be disrespectful of our list owner, who I
> think virtually everyone on this list would agree, has managed the
> list admirably.
> Sandy
> >On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Dave Rose wrote:
> >
> >> I question the credibility of "M", who refuses, when asked directly,
> > > identify himself/herself. Why the pseudonym?
> >>
> >> As for the mysterious "group of us" and the exotic sounding "cyanotype
rex &
> >> chrysotype rex" processes, this sounds like a lot of hype designed to
> >> up interest in and attendance for the upcoming APIS 2004.
> >
> >Actually Dave, for once you and I are in complete agreement, or
> >semi-agreement. The writing style strikes me as rather more direct than
> >TK.... But that may be part of the "disguise."
> >
> >J.
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