Re: About pseudonyms and list usage.

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/03/04-03:35:25 PM Z
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In a previous message I held out what I though was an olive branch of
peace to Terry King.

For my trouble I received from him a very offensive personal message, stating,

"If you do not stop this nonsense, I will post to this list what
actually happened. It does not make pretty reading and, in the light
of your currrent e mail, it does not reflect well on you."

Terry's response has served to make me acutely aware of the fact that
any dialog or compromise with some persons is useless.

A valuable lesson yes, but at the loss of some innocence.

Sandy King

>In a message dated 03/04/2004 21:36:31 GMT Standard Time,
> writes:
>>All this slinking around with pseudonyms in order to participate on
>>this list strikes me as demeaning to the person doing it.
>You ought to be aware that AOL recommend that one should not use
>one's own name on lists such as this. They say that pseudonyms are
>to be preferred as they do not leave one open to unjustified attack
>or abuse.
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