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Wow. Deja vu all over again and again and again.

It does seem to have happened about a month earlier this year, perhaps
an early thaw.

For those who think (as opposed to those who actually know) I'm potty,
about every other year this time we get to relive the great debate. I
think I'd miss that if it went away...sorta like the last exciting and
dramatic episodes of favorie TV shows (Dallas, Friends, or
fill-in-the-blank) and then their continuous reruns.

Send in the clowns... oh, never mind...


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Subject: About pseudonyms and list usage.
Although I have not always agreed with Dave Rose my impression is
that he is a person of integrity and some passion who calls them the
way he sees them, and those are qualities that I greatly admire in a

All this slinking around with pseudonyms in order to participate on
this list strikes me as demeaning to the person doing it. If the
person is indeed Terry King, as subsequent message would suggest, he
should resolve directly any issues he may have with the list manager
who banned him. If Terry were to apologize for past transgressions I
would personally be prepared to offer him another chance to
participate on this list since he is obviously a person of
considerable knowledge in the area of alternative printing and has
much knowledge to share. My personal opinion is that Terry is
probably incorrigible but he could prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, my position is that I will not engage directly with any
person who has been banned from the list who tries to do so
dishonestly. That would be disrespectful of our list owner, who I
think virtually everyone on this list would agree, has managed the
list admirably.


>On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Dave Rose wrote:
>> I question the credibility of "M", who refuses, when asked
directly, to
> > identify himself/herself. Why the pseudonym?
>> As for the mysterious "group of us" and the exotic sounding
"cyanotype rex &
>> chrysotype rex" processes, this sounds like a lot of hype designed
to drum
>> up interest in and attendance for the upcoming APIS 2004.
>Actually Dave, for once you and I are in complete agreement, or
>semi-agreement. The writing style strikes me as rather more direct
>TK.... But that may be part of the "disguise."

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