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Date: 04/03/04-09:56:17 AM Z
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Are you making your 11x14 from scratch or cannibalized parts from
other cameras? In either case, if you could post pics of the assembly
to the web and let people know, that'd be cool.

And Sandy, you made a 20x24. Did you post pics on the web?

Since so many alt-photons (my slang for alt-photo practitioners) use
big cameras, it would be nice to see some homemade ones.


>I bought a bellows for an 11x14 I'm making. Excellent product and
>service at a reasonable price IMO. This is the company that also makes
>the Lee filter system.
>>>> johnjohnc@core.com 04/03/04 1:25 AM >>>
> Hi,
>Do you have a way to contact " The Bellows Company" ? I did a Google
>search and could not find that company.
>John Cremati
>M Wrote: I had the same problem. The easiest and cheapest way out of
>problem is to buy new bellows. They are not expensive if you get them
>manufacturers like The Bellows Company.
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