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> Terry,
> I'm assuming you mean 1 part Pt to 4 parts of Pd, but if you could be a bit
> more specific I'd like to duplicate it here.
> I'm also assuming the log 2.2 density you stated was not DENSITY RANGE, but
> DMax of the negative? That would be much different.
> Mark Nelson


You asked what the proportion was of platinum to palladium and you are right,
the proportion was one part platinum to four parts palladium which in my case
works out as 4 drops of 20% Pt to 16 drops of Pd from a twenty drop Pasteur

As to the difference between d max and density range, as I aim for base
plus fog in my negatives of 0.015, a twentieth of a stop, there is, in my
practice, no significant difference between the two.

My platinum presentation at APIS 2004 will explain the theory, simply that
is, behind all this.

I did have a student once who built his own pin hole camera; his base plus
fog was 1.8.
I introduced him to matte black paint and black self adhesive velvet ribbon.

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