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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/04/04-06:07:58 PM Z
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No, I never posted any pictures to the web. I don't have a site at
this time but putting one up is going to be one of my priorities for
the summer.


>Are you making your 11x14 from scratch or cannibalized parts from
>other cameras? In either case, if you could post pics of the
>assembly to the web and let people know, that'd be cool.
>And Sandy, you made a 20x24. Did you post pics on the web?
>Since so many alt-photons (my slang for alt-photo practitioners) use
>big cameras, it would be nice to see some homemade ones.
>>I bought a bellows for an 11x14 I'm making. Excellent product and
>>service at a reasonable price IMO. This is the company that also makes
>>the Lee filter system.
>>>>> 04/03/04 1:25 AM >>>
>> Hi,
>>Do you have a way to contact " The Bellows Company" ? I did a Google
>>search and could not find that company.
>>John Cremati
>>M Wrote: I had the same problem. The easiest and cheapest way out of
>>problem is to buy new bellows. They are not expensive if you get them
>>manufacturers like The Bellows Company.
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