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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/02/04-02:49:37 PM Z
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Thanks for the note. I now recall seeing something you wrote about
this. But for some reason what you said did not prepare me for degree
of improvement that I found in testing the film. With the old film it
was difficult to reach a CI of even .9, whereas with the new film
over 1.1 is possible with reasonable development times. And the
effective UV printing density of B+F has been reduced by more than
log .20 at eight minutes of development in Pyrocat-HD, and even more
with long development times.

Having also recently tested the new TRI-X 320 film there is no
question in my mind but that the new HP5+ is a better all around film
for alternative processes.

Sure seems odd that Ilford would not have announced a change of such magnitude.


>on 4/2/04 10:40 AM, Sandy King at wrote:
>> Has anyone used recent HP5+ to make in-camera negatives for
>> alternative printing? I just tested this film again for the first
>> time in several years and was really startled by how much better is
>> than the stuff I previously tested.
>The change happened more than a year ago and I've mentioned it more than
>once on the list. Lower fb+f and greater ability to develop high density for
>long-scale negatives. No announcement of any change, but a clearly improved
>film for the purpose of alternate process long scale negatives.---Carl
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