Alternative rocesses international Symposium 2004

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Alternative Processes International Symposium 2004
the conference is held in the UK and in the US (Santa Fe) in alternate years.


The conference is to be held in a modern conference centre at Dunfermline, on
the River Forth, opposite Edinburgh, in Scotland on 18 and 19 September.
Special visits to see masterpieces in the field are arranged in Edinburgh and
Glasgow on 17 September and to the National Museum of Photography in Bradford
in the week following APIS.


APIS 2004 will show how the best practice over the years can inspire today’s
practice.Contemporary artist photographers will show work across the range of
alternative photography including gravure, gum, ‘Niepce’ heliochromes,
Becquerel Daguerreotypes and Lippmann full colour photographs. A selection will be
published in black and white in the special ‘proceedings’ edition of ‘The
PhotoHistorian’ A wider selection, in colour, will be published in the CD version
of the magazine. Copies of the APIS 2002 special double edition of
PhotoHistorian magazine and its CD version are available from John Warr at
; the price is £14 for either the CD or the magazine including p+p.
There will ample opportunity to display and discuss current work. Some will
be asked to speak to the conference about their work.
The best of previous practice presented as an inspiration will include:

*    Calotypes by Hill and Adamson.

*    Carbon and gravures by the Annnans and Karel Klic the inventor of
*    Gums and gum platinums by Alvin Langdon Coburn with modern examples of
platinum over gum prints.
*    The full potential of platinum printing including work by the man who
many consider the finest exponent of the medium, Frederick Evans.
*    Work by the Getty Institute of Conservation on the first photograph
still available today.
*    Alternative photography in the National Museum of Photography and the
RPS collections, the Scottish National Galleries and the Harry Ransom collection
at the University of Texas at Austin.

Special arrangements have been made for visits to the collections of Hill and
Adamson calotypes at the Scottish National Galleries in Edinburgh, and the
Annan collections in Glasgow on the day before APIS and to the National Museum
of Photography in the week following APIS.

The ‘How to’ or Process part of APIS will include :

*    A simple full colour version of Niepce's heliography which delegates
will be able to try for themselves.
*    ‘Cyanotype Rex’ which gives better range and gradation than platinum,
exposures down to seconds and which tones beautifully, but despite all that, is
still cheap and simple.
*    A presentation by Dan Burkholder on digital negatives for alternative
*    ‘Chrysotype Rex’ giving beautiful gold prints with a choice of blue
blacks to browns and purples and metallic gold. This process is also cheap and
*    Becquerel daguerreotypes which can be made up to 20x16 and beyond.
*    New commercial carbon tissue.
*    Polymer Gravure.
*    Cyanotype and the ‘Transit of Venus’: alternative uses of alternative
*    & Possibly Pyro.

The programme is available on

The visit to the museums in Edinburgh and Glasgow will be free for those
attending APIS but it will be necessary to pay the return fare to Glasgow and for
lunch on the train.
The cost of APIS on 18 & 19 September will be £100 ($ 185) with a discount of
£20 ($30) for those not attending the dinner on the Saturday night.
Credit card bookings can be made through:

Silverprint ( for £ and € transactions
Bostick and Sullivan ( for $ transactions.

Your email should indicate whether you wish to attend APIS and the dinner
(£100, $185) or just APIS (£80, $155).
It would also be helpful if you could indicate whether you wish to:

*    attend the special visits in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Friday 17
*    have lunch on the train to Glasgow on the Friday
*    come on the special visit to Bradford in the following week when there
will be a special display of the best of alternative process prints.

Please copy your e mail to (without
including credit card details).


Accommodation will need to be arranged individually. A large range of hotels,
b&bs, hostels and self catering accommodation can be found by feeding the
words ‘Dunfermline' or ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘accommodation’ into a search engine.

APIS wishes to thank the following:

*    Scottish Region of the Royal Photographic Society,
*    The Scottish Society for the History of Photography (SSHOP),
*    Scottish National Galleries
*    Scottish National Centre for Photography
*    The National Museum of Photography Film and Television
*    The Getty Conservation Institute
*    The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin.
*    The Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society
*    Bostick and Sullivan
*    Silverprint
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