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Hello Tom,

My book in not on Amazon because i manufacture and i sell my book myself
Thanks for your interest in my book "Le procédé Color" which explain: The
color process (Sury),
The color gum dichromated process and The multilayer gum with only one final
development (Berger Process)
To order it from the USA, The better way is to send me an international
money order of 60€ (Sixty Euro),
Please no send a bank cheque because it is the end of this utilization in
the bank of Belgium
Please send the international money order at my adress:
Philippe Berger
19, rue du Grand Pré
B - 4170 Comblain-au-Pont
As soon as I'll receive the international money order, I will send you the

If you buy my book, i send also for you with him a little original picture
of a Color Process image of me

A color image is:
Best regards


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Thanks a lot Alberto and Philippe!
I tried locating your book at Amazon, but without any luck. Where can I
buy it?
Best regards,
Tom Einar

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