Re: Developing sheet film in open-ended PVC tubes

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You are probably right that it could be messy, especially if using
continuous agitation. In fact Judy has already weighted in with the
fact that she found it messy. My idea, though, was to use enough
solution so that the film is always covered with developing solution
and agitate only once every three minutes.

Another way to use the tubes would be to develop the film with the
tubes in vertical orientation in a gallon paint bucket. You could do
up to eight sheet of 4X5 film at a time this way. And with agitation
at three minute intervals you could keep the lid on the bucket and
work in the light for most of the time, and only turn the lights off
when you remove the lid to agitate.


>Sandy et al:
> I've also developed in a tray and tank and Jobo and Jobo
>tanks by hand. This method of an open-ended tube sounds interesting
>but also it seems it would be difficult to rotate the tube at a
>constant rate without making a mess.
> Jack Fulton
>>>BTW, I do all my film work (and print work with Pt/Pd) in Jobo
>>>drums. While I have a Jobo machine one can use (most of) their
>>>drums on a plain old Beseler rolling agitator. I don't see the
>>>advantage of open tubes in trays (in the dark) if one can easily
>>>use tubes in the light unless there's something I'm missing.
>>Yep, that is exactly what I though when I read that article years
>>ago. Why bother with open-ended tubes when you can just put caps on
>>the tubes and have the advantage of daylight processing? But time
>>passes and we learn. The advantage to the open ended tubes is that
>>you can cover them with developer (they sink in developing
>>solution) and develop with minimal agitation procedures.
>>It is also an extremely simple solution for those who do not get
>>even development with tray development and/or who have a proclivity
>>for scratching or gouging their negatives with
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