Re: Developing sheet film in open-ended PVC tubes

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Sandy et al:
        I've also developed in a tray and tank and Jobo and Jobo tanks by
hand. This method of an open-ended tube sounds interesting but also it
seems it would be difficult to rotate the tube at a constant rate
without making a mess.
        Jack Fulton

>> BTW, I do all my film work (and print work with Pt/Pd) in Jobo drums.
>> While I have a Jobo machine one can use (most of) their drums on a
>> plain old Beseler rolling agitator. I don't see the advantage of open
>> tubes in trays (in the dark) if one can easily use tubes in the light
>> unless there's something I'm missing.
> Yep, that is exactly what I though when I read that article years ago.
> Why bother with open-ended tubes when you can just put caps on the
> tubes and have the advantage of daylight processing? But time passes
> and we learn. The advantage to the open ended tubes is that you can
> cover them with developer (they sink in developing solution) and
> develop with minimal agitation procedures.
> It is also an extremely simple solution for those who do not get even
> development with tray development and/or who have a proclivity for
> scratching or gouging their negatives with

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