Re: Developing sheet film in open-ended PVC tubes

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Date: 04/01/04-04:49:53 PM Z
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Yes, Sandy, I know what you mean.
I'd say the seemingly (note emphasis on seemingly) most successful way
yet is to purchase the Jobo tank that'll hold, gosh, 6 sheets of 4x5.
Fill it up and agitate by hand. We swear by that. Gosh darnit.
Jack Fulton

> Jack,
> You are probably right that it could be messy, especially if using
> continuous agitation. In fact Judy has already weighted in with the
> fact that she found it messy. My idea, though, was  to use enough
> solution so that the film is always covered with developing solution
> and agitate only once every three minutes.
> Another way to use the tubes would be to develop the film with the
> tubes in vertical orientation in a gallon paint bucket. You could do
> up to eight sheet of 4X5 film at a time this way. And with agitation
> at three minute intervals  you could keep the lid on the bucket and
> work in the light for most of the time, and only turn the lights off
> when you remove the lid to agitate.

O Lord, I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in.
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