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[ale] Mint 19.3 Mate HDMI Settings

At first glance, that sounds like the default display for the 2nd monitor when the display is extended, instead of mirrored.  Is there another display on this computer, such as a laptop built-in screen?  If that's true, you should be able to see your usual controls on the primary screen, plus moving the cursor far enough (usually to the right, but could be left, up or down) will let you see that as well.

I don't have a MATE system handy to test, but does ctl-alt-t usually bring up a terminal window for you?  That might be worth a try.

If it's an extended screen and you want a mirrored one, you'll need to change the display settings.... On xfce, the program you want is called xfce4-display-settings, and it's located in the menu as Settings -> Display.  I've also seen systems that call it 'Settings -> Monitor'; not sure on MATE/Cinnamon.

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 08:10:06PM -0400, Stephen R. Blevins via Ale wrote:
>Attempting to display my desktop onto my TV using an HDMI connection.  I
>am running Linux Mint 19.3 w/MATE.  I get the background, but no
>toolbars, no icons, and no cursor.  I suspect there exists one or more
>settings I am not aware of.  A point in the right direction would be
>Thank you
>Stephen R. Blevins
>stephen.r.blevins at gmail.com
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