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[ale] Mint 19.3 Mate HDMI Settings

I discovered the Display Manager under Preferences.  Set the "mirror"
button and that did the trick.

Thanks to all for their guidance.

Stephen R. Blevins
stephen.r.blevins at gmail.com

On 3/25/20 9:26 PM, Horkan Smith wrote:
> At first glance, that sounds like the default display for the 2nd
> monitor when the display is extended, instead of mirrored.? Is there
> another display on this computer, such as a laptop built-in screen?? If
> that's true, you should be able to see your usual controls on the
> primary screen, plus moving the cursor far enough (usually to the right,
> but could be left, up or down) will let you see that as well.
> I don't have a MATE system handy to test, but does ctl-alt-t usually
> bring up a terminal window for you?? That might be worth a try.
> If it's an extended screen and you want a mirrored one, you'll need to
> change the display settings.... On xfce, the program you want is called
> xfce4-display-settings, and it's located in the menu as Settings ->
> Display.? I've also seen systems that call it 'Settings -> Monitor'; not
> sure on MATE/Cinnamon.
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 08:10:06PM -0400, Stephen R. Blevins via Ale wrote:
>> Attempting to display my desktop onto my TV using an HDMI connection.? I
>> am running Linux Mint 19.3 w/MATE.? I get the background, but no
>> toolbars, no icons, and no cursor.? I suspect there exists one or more
>> settings I am not aware of.? A point in the right direction would be
>> appreciated.
>> Thank you
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>> Stephen R. Blevins
>> stephen.r.blevins at gmail.com
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