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[ale] For the sanity of my marriage

I have a few boxes in the garage and most of the loose stuff upstairs in 
the bonus room. When we first moved in this house i had planned to put 
together a mad man's electronics lab, but then my son and his family had 
to move in and all plans went to hell including all my savings so I no 
longer really have much need for most of it. So it's open pickings for 
anyone interested.

Raj I would also be interested in donating if you could give me more 
info on this group.

On 11/21/19 4:48 PM, jon.maddog.hall at gmail.com wrote:
>> I have the same problem, but it goes back 50 years.? At the age of 69 
>> there are only a couple years left (if that long) before I have to 
>> downsize.? I saw my parents do that, and it was not pretty getting 
>> them to let go.
>> I found a solution to the "emotional attachment" part, which is to 
>> photograph the things before I chuck or sell them.? A 2.5" disk can 
>> hold a lot of pictures these days, and when that fills up a "rm -f *" 
>> takes care of the rest.
>> I do have some things that people might like to have, but about half 
>> of it will hit the dumpster pretty soon, and I may even be able to 
>> entertain again. 
> md
>> Can't help with the emotional attachment part. Still crying about 
>> tossing out the first x86 I built. Can't afford therapy. Cuts into 
>> the hardware budget. :-)
Sent to you and NSA, CIA, FBI, SS, DHS and GOD only knows who the hell else...

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