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[ale] For the sanity of my marriage

Ok, please clarify: are you seeking technical support or emotional help?

MAYBE she's got a point?

We ran a hardware/software consulting business for decades, and I found 
that every 5 years, it's fairly easy to sort through the plastic bins 
and toss half of it each time.   If you can't fabricate a plausible 
story as to HOW you are going to use something, toss it.   Recently I 
freed up half of the game room of crap to make more sewing space for my 
wife.  (But I DID get one garage bay for a workshop, so... )

Still, I'll never give up my Telebit T2500 modem.   Or my RS-232 
breakout box.    Heck, I'm still using a Wyse-60 terminal to talk to my 
Best Ferrups UPS at 1200 baud.



On 2019-11-20 12:26, Scott Castaline via Ale wrote:
> As the subject implies my wife has given me an ultimatum, I either
> unload all of my old stuff or she will which means it'll all end up in
> some landfill. I have cables dating back to MFM harddrives to flat
> ribbon scsi, as well as more recent cables. I have various cards going
> back to ISA and EISA. If interested email me for address which is in
> the Hamilton Mill area of Buford.