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[ale] 24" 4K monitor?

I currently have a 25" 2560x1440 IPs monitor at work, and a regular 
1920x1080 IPS monitor at home.
I'm looking at a monitor for a second system at home, and considering 
either a 25" 2560x1440 like the one at work, or a 24" 4K (3840x2160). 
The price is very close between the two.

My concern is that the 24" 4K is going to start getting into the 
annoyingly tiny text zone.
Thoughts?  Are any of you using a 24" 4K?
This will be primarily an openSUSE system with XFCE desktop.

Allen B.
Allen Beddingfield
Systems Engineer
Office of Information Technology
The University of Alabama
Office 205-348-2251
allen at ua.edu