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[ale] lite linux, bodhi vs LXLE vs Puppy, trying to revive old machine

On 10/6/2019 9:49 AM, Narahari 'n' Savitha via Ale wrote:
> Friends:
> Any one has experience with Bodhi vs LXLE vs Puppy linux for an old Dell PC.
> 2GB ram with old cpu.
> -Narahari

If you are open to some other suggestions how about:

Sparkylinux (https://sparkylinux.org/)
  has 32bit version, based on Debian

Void Linux (https://voidlinux.org/)
  xbps package manager is dang good, I run this on an old Asus EEE PC.

Antix has been mentioned, but there's another project that combines it
and Mepis called MX Linux (https://mxlinux.org/). I've not tried it yet,
but will load it on a test machine at some point. They bill it as a mid
weight desktop.

I believe there's a 32 bit version of Arch Linux
(https://archlinux32.org/download/), but I'm not sure about their
development cycle.

Have fun,

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