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[ale] 24" 4K monitor?

Thanks for all the input.  Since this system will be mainly used for 
console Windows and remote administration, I think I will skip the 4k 
display, and just get roughly what I have in my office.
Allen B.

On 11/12/19 2:27 PM, Beddingfield, Allen via Ale wrote:
> I currently have a 25" 2560x1440 IPs monitor at work, and a regular 
> 1920x1080 IPS monitor at home.
> I'm looking at a monitor for a second system at home, and considering 
> either a 25" 2560x1440 like the one at work, or a 24" 4K (3840x2160). 
> The price is very close between the two.
> My concern is that the 24" 4K is going to start getting into the 
> annoyingly tiny text zone.
> Thoughts?? Are any of you using a 24" 4K?
> This will be primarily an openSUSE system with XFCE desktop.
> Thanks.
> Allen B.

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