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[ale] Ubiquiti Networks Sending "Telemetry" back to HQ

I use a Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus to manage my UniFi networks. It's
cloud enabled and lets me manage my customer UniFi installations from my
phone or from my computer, remotely. I guess I'm not really worried because
the Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is registered on Ubiquiti's network
and I can pull statistics as well.    Being able to remotely manage a UniFi
network 500 miles away is a big time saver for me. The telemetry data has
helped me on many occasions diagnose various issues.

If you think about it, don't all "cloud enabled" devices have to phone home
and report something to the mothership? 


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Ubiquiti Networks is fending off customer complaints after emitting a
firmware update that caused its UniFi wireless routers to quietly phone HQ
with telemetry.


So perhaps Ubiquiti stuff might not fit with some wifi and routing needs. At
least, until they back track on this new firmware.
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