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[ale] My experiences switching GoDaddy to GreenGeeks

I have a few simple rules about running websites.

* Keep the Registrar separate from the DNS and hosting.
* Keep the DNS separate from the Registrar and hosting.
* Keep the hosting separate from the DNS and Registrar.
* Don't let php web-apps be available directly over the internet.
* Stay patched, stay on supported software.
* Don't use commercial DBMSes (many more similar rules, but I don't want to name
companies here).

Simple, effective.  I know many people will disagree on all or a few of my "rules."

With all that said, I've been with GoDaddy as a Registrar for over 20 yrs for
some legacy domains. I renew 10 yrs at a time, so once every 10 yrs, 15 minutes
of hassle. I'm planning to move the registrations this year and will begin 6
months before the deadline. I've heard horror stories about getting domains
moved off godaddy, but those were mainly all-in-one bundles.  Unless they have a
50% coupon, which seems to happen when it it time to re-up.

On 2/26/19 3:41 PM, Brian Stanaland via Ale wrote:
> I worked for a company that had all the customer domains through AWS but
> corporate was through GoDaddy. The corp accounts were set long before we decided
> to use AWS. When we asked GoDaddy about migrating corp to AWS, they gave us a
> "suggested actions" sheet and turned off our domains. Like...immediately. No
> warning or anything.
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 3:04 PM Neal Rhodes via Ale <ale at ale.org
> <mailto:ale at ale.org>> wrote:
>     Well, I cannot claim great planning, but my domain is registered with
>     A2, and I previously used GoDaddy for the mail and servers.
>     This meant that I could do all the setup on GreenGeeks, then when they
>     were ready, and had already grabbed our mailboxes, I switched the A2
>     domain to point to GreenGeeks on a Saturday night, and voila.
>     If things continue to work ok, I can turn off the Godaddy.? Or I could
>     even limp back to them.
>     Had the domain been registered with GoDaddy, I don't think this would
>     have been so clean.