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[ale] My experiences switching GoDaddy to GreenGeeks

Whenever possible I strongly suggest to people that they use anyone except GoDaddy.

I?ve had a negative impression of GoDaddy for years.  It started long ago when they seemed to go out of their way to lock domains we were acquiring for 60 days on the flimsiest of excuses to prevent transfers to our primary Registrar.   It has been exacerbated by my various interactions with them over the years.   Most recently GoDaddy has taken to requiring one to go to their whois web server to lookup whois for domains rather than allowing command line to work as it does for most everyone else.  Moreover,  once there they require one to do a captcha to prove it isn?t a robot.   If one is working on multiple domains like we usually are just doing the web lookup is a PITA and having to stop for captcha for every domain makes the effort to gather information excruciating.

Our corporate office suggested some months ago moving the hundreds of domains we own to GoDaddy to save money and I fought it off because of GoDaddy?s antics.   I suggested several other Registrars as I didn?t really care if we left our current Registrar.   Ultimately, telling our current Registrar about the request got them to reduce the per domain price significantly to avoid losing them so in the end corporate got the savings they were after.

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Nice! always good to hear about a positive experience in tech support.

On Tue, 2019-02-26 at 09:36 -0600, Neal Rhodes via Ale wrote:

A few weeks back I noted that Godaddy contacted me to tell me that they

were over quadrupling their hosting/email prices, and by the way,

switching email to Outlook.

We switched to GreenGeeks this weekend.  ($2.99/month for 3 years.

After 3 years, we'll really be retired.)  Although my GoDaddy linux

server lacked cPanel, GreenGeeks got my IMAP credentials, and sucked the

mailboxes over intact.  All I had to do was shove the HTML to the

website.    So an overall painless switch.




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