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[ale] Why systemd vs sysvinit really doesn't matter to me

On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:34:01 -0500
"Damon L. Chesser via Ale" <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> The Market has spoken.? 

I'd label the preceding as a premature declaration of victory. I'll bet
you Red Hat is shocked at the number and mindshare of holdout distros,
especially since a lot of them are using inits other than sysvinit, so
in many dimensions they are demonstrably better than systemd.

> Perhaps it was a rigged game with a rigged 
> vote?? Eh.? roll you own.? 

What the hell do you think millions of us are doing? Projects have
sanitized Arch and Manjaro. The systemd-free Devuan project is being
used in shops all over the place. Former Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora
and OpenSuSe users populate the worlds of Void Linux, Devuan, and *BSD,
bringing with their knowledge and common sense.

> If this sounds harsh, it is not meant to
> be. 

It's just the Libertarian in you. Well, we're all Libertarian, and
plenty of us voted by switching distros. Although systemd commands the
major mindshare in big-iron corporations, plenty of businesses and
individuals use its alternatives and like it that way.

> Just factual on what My View is.? I just don't get it.? 

OK, listen to what the systemd-free folks are really saying.

> The
> emotional turmoil.? Really?? 

A piece of with-us-or-agin-us software on 70% of Linux boxes make it
inconvenient for us. Yeah, *we* don't use it, but there's always some
fool who thinks it's cool and new to gratuitously dependency a piece of
formerly init-independent software to systemd. It's a hassle. Think of
how you feel when people send you MS Office documents with MS Office
proprietary features. You get mad.

> People are dying the world over for a
> variety of reasons.? 

That's over the top. If discourse didn't start til people died, this
would be a horrible world. The preceding sentence is a no-op.

> No matter what side of an issue you take, there
> is mass injustice


>  people are up in arms YEARS after an init
> system is replaced?? OK.? Put it into perspective.

Yes, YEARS. Put that into perspective. I don't remember any other free
software that this happened with. You might want to really listen to
folks who don't use systemd and work to keep it that way.

And please, if you want to answer points I've made, please interleave
post so we all know the context to which you're replying.