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[ale] questions

On 10/28/2016 12:22 PM, Scott Plante wrote:
> goes into the reasons for the change. I'd rather they keep the name yum
> and just make it a major version release, but maybe there are enough
> differences that's not desirable.

The problem doing this is similar to GPT support in fdisk.  Seems many
downstream distros didn't include the GPT-ready version of fdisk for
almost 4 years AFTER it had been updated.  I still don't know if fdisk
does sector alignment automatically or not.  How many times have we seen
how-to guides showing fdisk on distros that have broken GTP support in
that version?

And don't get me started about grub2 .... v1.96.xxxxxxx? Huh?  We
shouldn't need to know the internal workings of the development team for
every package installed, right?  How hard, seriously, would it have been
for grub2 to have actually had a release version of 2.0.0?  I wonder how
many laughs over alcohol the internal team members had with that choice.

Stupid decisions for the sake of being funny that has 5 year impacts in
core projects bothers me.

dnf - brilliant, simple, clear.  No confusion which version you are
using. Even yum-ng would have worked.

Don't get me started about **sudo gedit** stuff. Use **sudoedit**
already, folks. Much safer.